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Property is a system of rights that gives people legal control over things of value[1] and also applies to things of value themselves. Depending on the type of property, the owner has the right to consume, modify, subdivide, renovate, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell, barter, transfer, gift, or destroy the property, or grant any other person these rights. [2]] and possibly give it up. On the other hand, regardless of the type of property, the owner has the right to properly use it within the scope of the property rights granted.

Types of property
Most acknowledged systems analyze amid altered types of property, abnormally amid acreage (immovable property, acreage in land, absolute estate, absolute property) and all added forms of property—goods and chattels, adaptable acreage or claimed property, including the amount of acknowledged breakable if not the acknowledged breakable itself, as the architect rather than the almsman ability be the owner. They generally analyze actual and abstract property. One analysis arrangement specifies three breed of property: land, improvements (immovable counterfeit things), and claimed acreage (movable counterfeit things).[12]In accepted law, absolute acreage (immovable property) is the aggregate of interests in acreage and improvements thereto, and claimed acreage is absorption in adaptable property. Absolute acreage rights are rights apropos to the land. These rights accommodate buying and usage. Owners can admission rights to bodies and entities in the anatomy of leases, licenses, and easements


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